Monday, October 03, 2005

Fishing for Fun and Profit

So we've been hooked on fishing.
We've caught a fairly large variety of fish already. Blow Fish, Silver Bream/Tarwhine, Brown-Spotted Wrasse and two others that we couldn't identify.

When Tracie's friend Michelle was casting, the weight hit Tracie and fell in the water. When Michelle reeled it back in, the fish to the right had been caught from amongst the rocks.

I Caught a Fish

Catching fish is pretty fun, especially when you catch them in pretty rapid succession.

The fish I'm posing with to the left is a Brown-Spotted Wrasse.

Tracie was very excited to eat the fish we caught. She didn't seem to see the point of catch and release, but is coming around a little. I told here that if she wanted to eat the fish we caught, she had to deal with cleaning and cooking them. As little experience as she has cooking fish, I have never cooked a fish. After seeeing Dermit clean the first one, she knew more than me about cleaning them because I haven't even seen it done since I went fishing on my Uncle Randy's boat 20 years ago. We ate him two days ago. There was a lot of meat on this fish which was nice. The Bream didn't have as much meat and had more bones.

Please Don't Eat Me!

To the right is one of the sliver Bream that we caught. Fremantle can sort of be seen behind him. We ate him last night and boy was he tastey. There is a related variety called Black Bream that have a black stripe at the tip of their tail.

More and more, I'm beginning to see the appeal of chartering a boat to go fishing. I've heard of a place that charges $90 for the day and supplies everything you need. It is pretty tempting. I guess they use their fish finders and what not to make sure that you can catch a pretty decent fish.

Puff Fishy

Here I'm holding one of the Blow Fish that I caught. They don't seem to puff up untill you are holding them or roll them onto their backs on the sand. You can see the spikes on his belly, they didn't poke that much, but the bigger puffer's spikes seemed to be a little worse than the smaller ones.

Every time we caught one of the blowfish, I thought of the line from the Simpsons when Lisa convinced them to go to the Sushi Place, "Poison, poison, yummy fish!".

Since blowfish have poison parts, Seagulls won't eat them. The first time we went fishing, I found four or five of them dried out on the bank of the river.

Another Fish

I had to cut my line, but after a little while, Michelle's line got caught in mine and she decided to pull mine in and got it un-stuck. This fish was on the hook. I was disappointed that I had to cut my line.


Bob Milner said...

The last fish that your holding up looks like it had it's tail fin cut off. If it was normally like that it must not be up to par in the swimming category. Fishing in the ocean must be exciting because you never know what kind of a creature you'll reel in next.

Bob Milner said...

As for the blow fish, I don't know how you dare to touch one. I guess these are the ones that the Japanese eat huh? I find it kind of funny that they would eat something that even a seagull won't eat. Seagulls are just about like buzzards.

Jon said...

That's cool. We used to catch puffers when I was a kid living in Florida. They didn't have spines, but sort of just got bigger when they were threatened.

You should see if there are deep sea fishing tours. Those were fun to go on, and if the season was right, you could catch a lot of fish.

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