Monday, October 24, 2005

Happy Birthday Jackie

The 23rd was my sister Jackie's birthday. Year after year I wish her birthday was on the 31st. For some reason when I was little I thought it would be funny if Jackie was born on Halloween. Like it would mean she was a witch or something.

The thing is that even though I thought the idea up when I was eight or so, I still think it would be funny.

I have given notice at both my jobs now and so I only have 2 weeks worth of work here in Perth. I'm really looking forward to being unemployed again. We don't really know where we are headed other than a little sight seeing before we make it to the east coast. We'll be going to see Ayer's Rock and then on to Melbourne I guess. We don't know if we'll be staying in Melbourne or moving on to Sydney or Adelaide right away.



Jackie Hutchinson said...

And... you probably wished it was on Halloween so you could justify calling me "Jackie-O-Lantern".

gary said...

I don't need anything to justify calling you Jackie-o-lantern.