Friday, October 21, 2005

Halloween Pumpkin Fun

A SCUBA group in Bozeman Montana has come up with a new Halloween tradition: carving pumpkins underwater.

The biggest problem with carving pumpkins underwater is that they float. That's why scuba divers fill the hollowed gourds with rocks before taking them under.

This year about 16 divers gathered to take part in the event which takes place on a platform suspended about 15 feet below the surface of the water to prevent churning up mud and thus reducing visibility.

In other news, Bruce Bradford belives that pumpkins have no rights, at least that's what the bumper sticker on the side of his 120-foot cannon named, "the Second Amendment".

His goal of creating the cannon? To be the first person to shoot a pumpkin half a mile. Most pumpkin shooting competitions have at least three rules. The pumpkin projectile must weigh eight to 10 pounds, it has to leave the launcher intact and no explosives can be used.

The thing about Halloween here in Perth is that they don't celebrate Thanksgiving or Halloween (although there is some Halloween candy for sale). The stores and even some of the public buildings already have their Christmas decorations up and it isn't even November yet.

-Gary Milner


Jeff said...

Do they celebrate Guy Faulks Day?

gary said...

I get the feeling that they don't celebrate it down here.