Friday, September 30, 2005

Life, Etc.

I'm at an internet cafe with Gary and I just looked back over my shoulder at him to see that he is also posting on the blog right now. I wonder who will finish first.

Gary's mom bought us a laptop before we left Canada, which has been very nice to have, although lately we haven't been able to get much use out of it. We used to take it down to the library and "share" their wireless internet, but it hasn't worked once in the last two weeks. We also used to go to another place downtown that hasn't been working out for us. I don't think anyone wants to share with us anymore.

Needless to say, we now have to go to internet cafes to post on the blog, and I'm not really sure how we'll get any photos on the internet without our laptop.

In three more hours it will be October first. I can't believe how the time is flying by. Four more weeks and our time in Perth is done. I'm getting pretty excited about moving on, but kind of sad at the same time. We've made some friends here that I'm a little sad about leaving, although our two closest friends are backpackers themselves who will be leaving in December.

We bought a fishing rod yesterday and hope to go to either Cottesloe beach or the Hillary Marina to catch some fish tomorrow. The weather here has been kind of crappy though, especially compared to the rest of the country. Apparently Perth usually has one of the mildest winters of any Australian city, but to look at the national forecast day after day and see that it's sunny and 26-33 degrees in all the other state capitals, but rainy/windy and 18 degrees in Perth is starting to get depressing. But as long as it's even remotely nice tomorrow, we'll be catching fish for dinner.




Jeff Milner said...

Blogger dates the posts based on when you start them, not when you finish them, so it probably didn't matter who finished their post first, but only who started first.

Jeff said...

It is sad when you start thinking that 18 degrees is roughing it. It is so easy to get aclimated to an area. I am dreading this winter in Pittsburgh.

Tracie said...

What the heck are all these comment spams? I tried to sign in and get rid of them, but I'm not smart enough. I'll have to get Gary on the job.