Friday, September 30, 2005

Working in a Restaurant

I started working as kitchen help in an Italian restaurant here in Perth called "Villa Rustica". I can't help but laugh to myself when I see the word "villa". In Argentina they use the word "Villa" as a somewhat sarcastic description of squatters slums made out of corrugated tin.

The restaurant is pretty nice and so are the people. The other workers continually comment about how nice the chef is. It leads me to believe that most chef's are jerks. Luckily for me I work for a good one.

Working in a restaurant has changed me. It makes me want to eat out less, and has made me more willing to do the dishes at home. In fact, the other day I mentioned to Tracie that girls shouldn't marry guys who have never worked as dishwashers. I used to be squeamish about doing dishes. I really hate the dirty dishwater. I have since realized that if I hadn't put the plate in the water, I would have probably been willing to eat the food that was on it. The main difference between the plate in and out of the sink is the water and the soap.

My day off and Tracie's are is finally matching up. It is very likely that we will go fishing weather permitting. We bought a fishing rod yesterday and are looking forward to it. I'm going to try for a delicious snapper. I also will be having a picture day. I need to catch up to Jackie and Jeff.

I haven't been getting onto the internet as much as before, partly because of work and partly because the people whose wireless routers I have been using, seem to have caught on to the fact and I am having to go farther and farther afield to find connections available to the public. I guess I will have to find a coffee shop that offers wireless internet free to customers or something.


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