Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm an aunt again

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My sister Megan just had her second baby yesterday, a little boy. This is a photo my Dad sent me of their growing family. Megan, Dann, Eva and Toby. I still haven't talked to her yet, but I'm sure she was glad to have it since she was a week overdue.

In other news we got a roomate today. His name is Stephane and he is from France. I'll get to practice my French speaking now, although his English is a lot better than my French. The whole situation was a bit shifty to say the least. We went out to a movie last night and when we got back, there was a French guy in our appartment who said he was our new roomate. The guy who owns the flat must have forgotten to tell us. What a surprise that was. But I think it will be ok. He's a pretty nice guy who works about 10 hours a day, so I don't think he'll be around much anyway. He has travelled all over the East coast already and he's just stopping here for a few weeks to recharge his bank account before heading back out on the road.

We looked at his photos last night and we're now getting pretty anxious ourselves to head out. A few more weeks of hard work maybe and then we'll be outta Perth for good.

Don't get me wrong, I like Perth and the people are friendly, but unless a really tempting job offer was made, I think I'd prefer a bigger city with more to do. Perth is like a small country town with small country values. All the stores are closed by 6 pm and aren't open on Sundays at all. All because the good people of Perth voted NO against late night and Sunday trading. We're surprised the public has a say at all. I say keep your store open as long as you want and the people can then choose when to go when they want. It's crazy. Also, public transit in Perth isn't very good, although they are expanding the train system.

Anyway, I do love it here in Oz, but I'm really looking forward to some adventures in the outback followed by some big city living in Sydney.

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Bob Milner said...

When I was a kid the stores all closed on sunday and they also closed wednesday afternoons. Then everybody thought that we should be like the States so now we are. Myself I think it showed real class to close down on Sunday.