Monday, November 05, 2007

Heros Continutiy Problems

I'm becoming disenchanted with the tv show Heros. There are several problems with the show.

First, for example, a couple of weeks ago, they had a character in the Ukraine talking to a character in California and it was the middle of the day in both places. It's a nitpick, but, they film indoors couldn't they turn the lights off?

Second, is that they are adding new characters with stupid powers.

Third, it is impossible to know who to hope for. It isn't clear enough who the good guys are and even if you just pick someone to be the good guys, they switch back and forth between being good and bad all the time. I just don't like it.



Louise said...

"They switch back and forth between being good and bad all the time"
That is somewhat like the reality TV shows we are bombarded with, I guess!

Jon said...

Heroes this season is terrible. They had a complete story arch last year that was great, but because it was possible they had to pull something out of their arse and that is what we have now.

I will be surprised if the show survives the writer's strike.

Bob Milner said...

Yah, what Jon said.