Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Google Adsense

On July 26, 2005, I entered the world of selling advertising space online. Well, to be more specific I set some space aside on this blog for Google to act as my agent and sell advertisements that theoretically relate to what I write on my blog. Today, October 31, 2007, I have finally made enough to request my first cheque.

It has taken me basically 27 months and almost 64,000 page views to reach this point. Interestingly enough, the three Octobers that occurred over that 27 month time span represent about half of my advertising income.

I think that I will achieve another cheque in less than 27 months simply because my blog just keeps growing and growing. I'll continue to post things that I think will interest people in October, my blog's busy month as well as normal run of the mill things.

This isn't the best way to go about making money by blogging, but an extra cheque from Google every now and then isn't exactly a kick in the shins. I'm really excited for it even though I'm making approximately the same amount of money on istock every two weeks as I just made through Google over the last 27 months.

-Gary Milner


Jon said...

How much was it? If you dont mind telling...

gary said...

The min to request a cheque is USD $100.

Which is like what $95 in real money? (Sorry, I couldn't help myself)