Friday, November 16, 2007

Pushing Daisies

So, I have a new favourite show. It's called Pushing Daisies. 30 Rock is still the funniest show on TV, but Pushing Daisies is the best.

Ned, the show's hero has the power to bring dead things back to life by touching them. When he touches them again they revert back to being dead, permanently. If they stay alive for more than a minute, someone in the vicinity must die to take the revived person's place.

A private detective discovers Ned's ability and convinces him to solve murders for the reward money by going to the morgue and asking the recently deceased who murdered them.

This is the most original show that I have seen in a long time. It has the look and feel of a Tim Burton movie. Picking a genre for this show is difficult. The imdb calls it comedy/drama/fantasy/mystery/romance, and they are absolutely correct. I've watched the first two episodes so far and will probably watch two more tonight. Six have aired so far and nine have been produced.

The writers strike that started last week must end soon. Greedy executives please give the writers what they want. They deserve it. It doesn't make sense that when 15 year old kids post shows on Youtube it's worth a billion dollars, but when the networks stream the shows themselves, they aren't.

I really hope that Pushing Daisies gets the chance it deserves.

-Gary Milner


Jon said...

Awesome, awesome show. By far the best that this season has produced yet.

Reminds me of Dead Like Me, but in the opposite direction. :-)

Jeff Milner said...

No. I disagree. It's not an awesome show. It's a terrible, terrible show. I hope it gets canceled and I blame Gary for wasting my time watching it.