Friday, December 30, 2005

Water in Tasmania

Water plays has a big part in the life of Tasmania. I made a series of running water photos this this one.

There are lots of dams and hydroelectric generation in Tasmania. There have been huge protests over prospective dams to be built in parts of Tasmania that are only accessible by helicopter, and many people have houses or cottages in areas where the only safe drinking water is the water you collect from rain via your roof.

Roof water is not tasty water, but it's better than buying water. In places where it rains a lot you can shower and sate the thirst of a good sized family. Tons of beach houses have cisterns sitting in their backyard that will hold 5000 liters or more. It is really quite amazing, how much rainwater is collected all over Australia, not just in Tasmania.

This series of photos was inspired by a few photographs I saw in several visitors centers. It really is amazing to me that I can do a photo just as good or better than 99% of the postcards on my first try with no really specialized equipment.

-Gary Milner

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