Sunday, December 04, 2005

Melbourne Life

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Well, we've been here in beautiful Melbourne for about 2 1/2 weeks...I think...I actually have no concept of time anymore. I worked two shifts last week at two different hospitals, both of which were very similar to any hospital in Perth, so there's nothing really interesting to tell. Work is work.

Gary was offered two jobs since he's been here, one at an office and another with a restaurant, but since he was honest about how long we would be here for up front (that is to say, Not long at all), both jobs basically told him it wasn't worth it. I think for this reason, and because I couldn't work the first week and a half, we have felt a little lost here. We thought we might be wasting time just hanging out when there's so much of the country to see. On the other hand of course, seeing a country requires money and our funds are rapidly dwindling.

The plan as it stands now is to fly to Hobart, Tasmania this Sunday, drive around the state for two weeks and then fly back to Melbourne Dec 25th. From there, we drive up the coast to Adelaide and then take the train to Sydney just before New Year's eve. The coastal drive between Melbourne and Adelaide in maybe only about 500 km, but it's known here as the "Great Ocean Road" and it is a "must do" for anyone visiting Australia. I'm really excited for these next few weeks...

Working with the agency here is getting better. I was cancelled for a few shifts last week, something that never happened in Perth, so I was quite unimpressed. They have been growing on me though. I was at the agency Christmas Party yesterday (quite funny to see Santa in the summer at a BBQ) and I mentioned to one of the staff that I was heading to Sydney for January. She suggested I come chat with her today. Well, I'm at the office now (I've just chatted with her) and she has already forwarded my info to a hospital in Sydney and put me in conact with someone who rents flats there. Things like that just don't happen in Canada, and it's a really surreal feeling to be in such great demand and have people going out of their way to help you. You're in demand in Canada too of course, but any Christmas party I've been too there, I've had to pay for myself, and I've never heard of any hopital nurses back home get picked up from the airport or getting subsidized accomodation from their employer. Here, you are in high demand, and you are treated accordingly.

Anyway, 6 more days in Melbourne...I'm excited for the trip, but also a bit sad to leave a place that I never really got to know. My roomates have been awesome, and I'm a bit sad to leave them as well, although I guess I'll have new roomates and new adventures in Sydney.


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Thank you for yesterday ! i will see you in Sydney ! :)