Monday, December 12, 2005

Tasmanian Devils

Our stay in Melbourne has come and gone. Before coming here, I used to think that three weeks was a long vacation, but now I realise that you can hardly see anything in only three weeks. There were many more things that I would have liked to have seen and done in Melbourne, but I guess you can't do it all.

Well, we've been here in Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, since early yesterday. For those of you who don't know, Tasmania is an island state in Australia off the south east coast, just south of Melbourne. So far it seems pretty because there are actually some mountains. Although they aren't quite the Rockies, the view does seem more like home than most things we've seen so far.

Because our flight got in so late, we spent our first night outside in the cold...that was crazy. Needless to say we were tired, so when we checked into the hostel yesterday morning, we slept until early afternoon before exploring the city only a bit. Right now we are at the library like nerds waiting until we can pick up our rental car in 20 minutes. Our first stop this afternoon is the Cadbury Chocolate factory, which I'm really excited about.

After that, the three of us head out into the Tasmanian wilderness to explore for two weeks. We stayed up until after one o'clock last night with a guy we met at the hostel who gave us tips about what to do and see. He's been here since mid November taking his time seeing the sights of the island. I started talking to him when I overheard him tell someone else he was from Calgary, Canada from the north west neighborhood of Country Hills.

It's a small world.



Jeff said...

Who is the "three" of us? Did you pick up a traveling companion?
Jeff F.

Tracie said...

Ya. Our French roomate from Perth, Stephane. We also travelled around the south of Western Australia with him for a week.

Jeff said...

I just finished finals last week. Full-time in the OR until Jan 4. A neck and two backs tomorrow. What fun!
Jeff F.