Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back to the mainland

Once again, time is just slipping through our fingers. Our two weeks of hiking and camping in Tasmania are over and our three day road trip on the great ocean road has also come to an end. We leave for Sydney tomorrow night, so this will be our last night in Melbourne. Where oh where is the time going?

We had a very nice Christmas. We spent the morning opening gifts around the tree with our old flatmates in Melbourne. Our roomate from Perth / travel companion of over a month, Stephane was also there. Getting to the internet with our laptop has proven to be a bit challenging, so sorry about the lack of photos, but we'll be posting photos as soon as we can. We've taken several thousand pictures in the last few weeks I'm sure.

Tasmania was a lot of fun, maybe more so looking back on it than it was at the time because it was so bloody cold. We even had SNOW on Mt Wellington in Hobart on Christmas Eve. That's a crazy summer. Word from my family is that it was 14 degrees in Canada in winter the same day. Nice and hot and 35 degrees back on the mainland yesterday though, for those of you who were wondering.

Well, I'll add more when I can. Still have a lot of errands to do this aft. Merry Chirstmas to everyone and happy 30th wedding anniversary to Gary's parents.


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Bob Milner said...

I play a song on the fiddle called "Hobarts Transformation". I wonder if the name refers to Hobart, Tasmania.