Friday, December 30, 2005

Gordon Dam in Tasmania

When we got to Hobart, Tasmania it was pretty late close to 1:00am. The taxi from the airport took us to three hostels, but they were all closed for the night. We stopped by a hotel, but they wanted $130 and we would have to be out of the hotel by 10am anyway.

We decided that spending the night in a park would be our best option. There are no 24 coffee shops or doughnut shops in Hobart.

It was quite cool, but we put on our sweaters and found a bench to sit on. The first few hours were pretty fun taking pictures and chatting.

We saw a couple of possums which livened things up for about three seconds. And I finished the morning sleeping on the bench.

The only people we saw were two teen girls looking for pot to smoke.

This is a photo of the Gordon Dam. An adventure tour company in Tasmania lets people rapel down the side of the dam for $60. The bill it as the worlds longest commercial abseil.

It looks pretty scary, there were a few people dangeling at the end of a rope while we were there.

You can go down more than once if you are willing the climb the stairs back up. On of the guys who did it said he didn't want to go agian.

An interesting thing about the Gordon Dam is that they let the public walk all the way accross the top of it, while you aren't allowed to walk across the top of many of Tasmania's other dams.

Tasmania uses hydroelectricity quite frequently and we must have seen 8 or 9 dams during our trip.

-Gary Milner

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Jeff Milner said...

"One of the guys who did it said he didn't want to go again."

Did you ask him why?