Saturday, March 19, 2005

Why I Haven't Purchase the Camera

A few posts down, I mentioned that I haven't purchased a new camera yet, and Adam commented that he thought I was buying one when I lost all the weight. Well I haven't lost all the weight yet. My goal was to go from 245 to 205. I weight myself today (no like yesterday, I'm cool I'm calm I'm gonna be ok so take a look at me now, cause it's your last look, your last look forever) and I weigh 212 or so. I still have about seven lbs left to lose. Unfortunately for me, the last seven pounds are the hardest to lose.

As for Robert Blake, I heard that in celebration of the NCAA basketball tourneyment, he will be taking on the winner of the Michael Jackson trial with the winner of that advancing to take on O.J. Simpson. But the most interesting thing about the Robert Blake was the gunman outside caught on video shooting a lawyer. Police said William Strier, who apparently was angry that Gerry Curry was being paid from his trust fund, fired a revolver from close range at the lawyer just outside the Van Nuys courthouse on Friday. Curry was hit several times in the upper body. Gerry Curry was the divorce lawyer for Stirer's wife.

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