Thursday, March 31, 2005

Job Satisfaction Continued

I don't think that I explained my position very well earlier. I'll admit that I wouldn't have any job that didn't come with some sort of pay, be it money or the promise of something in the future.

For the purpose of this theoretical question we must assume that you will be able to maintain a non-poverty level lifestyle, have a car, buy clothes for your family, and possibly even take time off for a short vacation.

Imagine two possible career tracks. They are both reasonably secure positions, one career pays more, but you will enjoy the other career more. Do you go for the money or do you go for the job you will enjoy?

I know I would put up with a job I disliked for longer as the wage rises. I would also be more willing to accept less money to do a job I really enjoyed. I think I would go for the job I enjoyed. Obviously, I couldn't do a job I really loved for little to no money. Something like that can only be done as a hobby. That's why I photograph weddings for the accolades of family and not for a career.

However if I could be sure of $10/hr as a photographer I would drop my $12/hr job at the warehouse in a second. Reading that last sentence leads me to believe that I would need satisfaction and security to make up for a simple $2 drop in wage. Or at least the same amount of security that I have at the warehouse, which for me is pretty secure.

This is somewhat of a difficult question for a lot of people because there are more than two variables that can easily outweigh each other depending on amounts. I could be convinced to do a terrible position for copious amounts of money, but I could also be convinced to do accept great position for a moderate amount of money.

Security, unfortunately takes at least somewhat of a back seat, at least for the time being. For one thing, I'm planning on quitting my job in less than three months to move to the far side of the world, a place I've never even visited.

-Gary Milner

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