Saturday, March 19, 2005

Barretta found Innocent

I just have to comment on the Barretta case. Here's the deal. He wasn't found innocent, it just wasn't proven that he was guilty. I'll buy that because noone saw him do the murder. But isn't it ironic that he got away with the murder after the stupid story about leaving his gun in the restaurant? That story was like wearing a neon sign saying I'm guilty. Isn't it funny that he thought that nobody would be able to figure out that he could have had two guns instead of just the one he left in the restaurant. It was a well known fact that his wife was a rotter and he hated her. He should have bought her off instead of killing her because he claims the court case cost 10 million dollars and five years of his life. He better hope that the lawyers desearve the money more than his wife. Personally I don't think they do but that's a whole other topic. I'd be more than happy to elaborate though , if anybody asks.

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