Monday, December 06, 2004

Passports a Plenty Redux

I went to the passport office today. My experience there was a lot better than Tracie's. Right when we got there, there was only one person in front of us waiting for the pre-screener. He croweded a little too close to the customer at the desk, and the offical told him to get behind the red line.

I told the guy, "It's lucky she doesn't have a goalie stick or you would've got wacked." He thought that that was pretty funny.

We went through the pre-screener and he seemed concerned that the blue shirt I was wearing in my photo was too light and that when they scanned the photo it would look like a floating head. Which is a no-no, I guess. My drivers licence photo is of my floating head, and I quite like it. Anywho, after waiting for a short while my number was called, and it didn't take very long at the desk at all. Now in two weeks, I'll have my passport.

-Gary Milner, internet superstar

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