Friday, December 10, 2004


We rented a book from the University Library the other day. It was a road atlas for Sydney and a few of the other major cities around there. I'm sure that it was at least 20 years old. Generally books from that part of the library aren't to be loaned out, but Tracie is staff and I'm pretty sure that no one has even looked at that book since the library purchased it. The librarian decided that we would be allowed to take it out. She had to fill out a manual loan form, I'm not sure if that was because the book hadn't been entered into the computer system yet or if we needed a signature to have permission to get it out.

Tracie is currently copying a bunch of the pages so that we can cut and paste a map together while we are waiting for the map store downtown to get their order in. We hope to get a better idea of where the hospitals are in relation to each other so that we can figure out where we are going to live when we get there. If you have an idea of where you want to live you can look up rental properties online and get an idea of how much it costs and what the neighborhood is like.

Tracie's passport arrived in the mail the other day and she was able to pick it up at a Mac's store in the next neighborhood over. I guess they send passports via express mail and we weren't home when the mail carrier came to our house.

-Gary Milner

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