Thursday, October 25, 2007


You know what would be awesome? If you could type, "Television Listings for Medicine Hat" into and get a link to for Medicine Hat.

Like some sort of guide to tv. It could have the channels and times listed along with the shows and possibly plot summaries for the shows. It would be like an internet version of TV Guide the magazine.

Seriously how hard could it be? Plenty of people have access to television listings in a computer based format. They wouldn't even have to retype them. They could just copy and past them.

A person should be able to search by time, channel and name of show. Searching for, "30 Rock" should give you a list of times and channels corresponding to when, "30 Rock" playing. Searching for 9:00pm Thursday should give you a list of everything playing on Thursday at 9:00pm as well as the next 2 hours after that.

There should also be links to teasers in an attempt to get you to actually watch those shows. No wonder people download TV. What's the point of watching TV at a set time when A. you can't even find out the time the show you want to watch is on, and B. You can just watch it on your computer without the commercials anyway.


Jon said...

Thats why I love the Shaw PVR!

Beth said...

Have you tried this? I don't know if it'll work, but it's what we use. Just fill in your location and what cable provider you use. It should do the rest.

Beth said...

Did you find this page? Just on the left, about half way down the page is a set of links beside orange 'bullets'. The second one down is "Program Grid". If you click that it should, I believe, take you to a screen in which you can choose your cable provider and key in your postal code. It should do the rest for you.

Sorry I wasn't very detailed in my previous comment. Time ticks a little too quickly, sometimes.

Better luck this time?