Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This is a repeat from last year. I like it enough that I think it warrants another posting. I think that it is one of the better templates I have made. At least it looks the most like what I want it to be like.

I figured he's a pretty scary guy, so why not make him into a jack 'o lantern.

Included in this Halloween related post are links to two pictures. One with a black background and one with a white background. The white background picture is for printing and using as the template and the blackbackground is to help you visulize what it will look like.

If you use this one, cut the black part out of the pumpkin. Use the tips and how to's from my other Halloween posts to help you.


In other more job related news, we will be done taking photos towards the end of the month. Right now we are about a week behind printing the orders, but we will be catching up very quickly because we had a week off at the start of October.

-Gary Milner

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