Thursday, February 01, 2007

An incident at Raymond High School

When I was in the ninth grade I was friendly with the janitor of the highschool. One day I was visiting with him in the boiler room of the school. There were lots of electrical switches in the boiler room and I asked him what they were all for. He told me what they all controlled and he said whatever you do don't touch "that one right there" and he pointed to the one he meant. He told me that this switch will shut down the whole school and it would take days to get the school operational again.

Years went by and the janitor passed away.

Amazingly this left me as the only living soul in the world that had a knowledge of those switches. Then one day I was in the boiler room with a friend of mine. He said I wonder what these switches are for and I told him and I said what ever you do don't touch "that one".

Then one day all the lights and mechanical functions of the school ceased to function. This went on for two or three days and they had a team of electricians scouring the school to find the problem. In a chance meeting I had with the principal he told me that there must be a main switch in the school somewhere and they couldn't find it.

I told him I knew where the main switch was and I took him there and showed him. He couldn't believe his ears, and of course he wanted to know how I knew about it. He also wanted to know if anyone else knew about the switch and I said yes ; __________ knows about it but he wouldn't have touched it because I warned him about it.

Well, I was wrong. My friend was expelled from school. He finished his high school in Lethbridge at the L.C.I. Because he went to LCI he met and married a beautiful girl from Lethbridge. They soon had a baby and they were very young. They must not have had any money and the girl had been raised in a wealthy family. They were later divorced, so I assume that life for everybody concerned including the baby was probably hell.

This chain of events was set in motion years earlier when I was told about the light switch. Both my friend and his exwife are now remarried ....who knows, maybe more than once for all I know.....and to people they wouldn't be married to if it weren't for the chain of events I already mentioned. The baby wouldn't even be in existance and this means that things aren't going to be the way they would have been for thousands of people eventually.

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rea said...

I like that story - very cool. In a freaky way for your friend, in an honouring way for you because of the trust the Janitor had in you.