Friday, February 09, 2007

Grand Central Station

This morning I went downtown on the train looking for several things, on my way I got a plain bagel with cream cheese. The first thing I happened upon was Grand Central Station. It is definately a huge building. Well worth seeing. I met an interesting guy there who was shooting a video to use as stock footage for something. If you've ever seen a picture of the inside of Grand Central Station, it was probably from the same vantage point where we were, at the top of the stairs on one end of the building. He had placed a red umbrella at the top of the stairs and was filming it from the top of a mini tripod. I was talking to him for a while when a cop came up and told him to move it. Apparently the cop's partner had come over to move it but then saw the guy filming it and said, "Oh, I didn't know you were filming it." The guy said, "Yeah, I'm probably breaking some ordinance." The cop told him not to worry about it. The guy was pretty happy that he was able to get three five minute clips before he was rousted, or is it ousted?

After Grand Central station, I saw the Chrysler building and then the United Nations. They let visitors into the UN, but I'm sick of going through metal detectors all the time so I didn't bother. I don't think I missed much anyway. Rockefeller center was good, but the skating rink seemed smaller in real life than it does in the movies. You couldn't play hockey on it that's for sure. I decided to get a standby ticket for Conan O'Brian, which looking back was a mistake. I spent a good portion of the day waiting around only to find out that I wasn't getting in anyway. I saw lots of interesting stuff walking around today so I'm not too disappointed.

It seems like there are still a few things I want to see and need to do before I start in on the awards show. I sort of wanted another memory card, I need to get a hot-shoe adapter for my camera so I can synch the lights. Ralph requested a couple of Yankees hats so I have to pick those up too. There are a few things I would still like to see, and somethings that I did see warrant a closer inspection while visiting but really that would take a travelling companion to discuss them with. I can say that all in all, I've seen and done most of the things I wanted to (free or mostly free things anyway) and I'm mostly ready to come home.

New York stands out as a great place, with tons of things for all tastes. There are tons of events in places like Sydney, as well, but you have to seek them out there much more actively.

One thing I do have to amend about previous posts is about the traffic. I said that it wasn't too bad, I still stand by that, but I have to amend it to except peak evening rush hour. It gets pretty bad at about 6pm. The train can't be beat for speed and effiency though. If you miss one, another one comes along very quickly. There is no way you could top the speed of the subway in a car either. The subway lines and stops are placed very well. You almost never have to walk more than three blocks on either end of your trip.


Bob Milner said...

When I was a kid my brother got a regular electric train for Christmas and I got a subway train.It was the one time I got a nicer gift than he did. Fifty-five years later his train is long since gone but mine is still making regular runs underneath the floor.

Bob Milner said...

You haven't mentioned whether you have gone to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is a must see attraction. It's a world class museum. Don't miss it. It's in central park.

Bob Milner said...

Also see the USS Hornet which is an aircraft carrier. Its a sight to see by itself but its also a floating aircraft museum. And parked next to itis an atomic submarine. They're within walking distance of Times Square.