Sunday, February 11, 2007

I'm Coming Home

Sunday morning I woke up and caught the bus from the hostel to La Guardia. Upon arrival at the airport, I tried to enter my 5 letter code into the self-check in computer. It couldn't find my reservation.

I went up to the desk and told the lady that I was having trouble checking in with the computer. She asked what flight and when was it.

I looked at the paper and said with a sinking heart, "March 11, oh boy, this is embarrassing."

As it turns out, the ladies at the desk had been warned that the website had had a glitch and was changing people tickets from February 11 to March 11 and they change my ticket for me. Thank goodness. It was almost no hassle, except for the hassle.

The flight to Montreal was incident free.

As I was boarding the plane in Montreal, a man was arguing with the boarding agent over the fact that his two daughters (probably only 3 and 5) had been bumped from the flight because the plane had been over booked. I assume this had to do with the website fiasco I had found out about earlier in the day. Luckily I had checked in hours earlier in New York and so my seat had been assured.

On the flight to Calgary none of the televisions on my half of the plane worked. This made me feel sad especially since when I had originally chosen my seat, I would have been on the other side of the plane. (I always pick the right hand side of the plane when I have a choice).

Anyway, I made to home safely and Tracie was at the airport waiting for me.


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