Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Money

The cheques keep on coming in. I received my second today, for $213. My plan before was to keep a small balance on my account just so that I would always be able to make a payment request, but it seems like the balance rises fast enough that it will probably never be too big of a wait before I can request another cheque.

Looking at my sales graphs, it seems as if my monthly istock sales are rapidly approaching 10% of what I'm getting paid for my day job. That says to me that I need to quickly shoot another 1800 half decent photos to add to my meager 200, then I'll really be laughing.

My spreadsheet suggests that at the rate I'm going it will be four more years before I even hit 1000. I guess I need to step things up a little.

The real problem isn't so much shooting the pictures as much as coming up with ideas of what to shoot. The ideas are the real hard part.


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