Sunday, December 03, 2006

Istockphoto Success

I haven't written anything about how well I'm doing on istockphoto in a while so I thought I would give a little run down on how things are going.

My first $100 took from March 18th to September 12 and 234 downloads. I averaged 42.7 cents per download.

I hit $200.00 about two weeks ago on November 22. It took 215 downloads for me to make it, and 69 days. That means I was averaging 46.5 cents per download.

I haven't been adding new photos very consistently, it is hard to think of things to shoot, but I have been getting downloads from with in each new series that I shoot. When I do come up with an idea, it does sell, and I am getting good growth from them.

Here is my data for downloads so far since the very beginning:

03/06 : 1
04/06 : 4
05/06 : 7
06/06 : 30
07/06 : 63
08/06 : 90
09/06 : 93
10/06 : 103
11/06 : 82

12/06 : 4 (so far)

I downloaded a spreadsheet that makes predictions based purely on past performance. It predicts that by this time next year, I will be making $100 per month. I get the feeling that this might be a little conservative because it is still taking into account my start up few months. It also doesn't take into account things that you have been learning about stock photography itself, like what sells, and how to make images more useful for buyers.

I'm pretty excited about how things are going.


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