Thursday, November 30, 2006

Princess Dianna

I was on my way home today when I heard someone on the radio say that investigators have finally finished the investigation into Princess Dianna's car crash. The radio station said that they would be giving the results of the investigation at a later time today. I guess they were far too busy to give the details right then...&*$%@#, their hides. Anyway my obsearvation is that an ordinary car crash takes about an hour or two to investigate if a fatality results. I really wonder what new information they thought they could glean from an investigation three or four years later that they couldn't have found out at least within a month considering the man power that would have been used in a case where royality was involved. They make me scoff.


Jeff Milner said...

&*$%@#, their hides? What has come over you?

Anonymous said...

If you can believe it, I think it has been 9 years. The spring of summer of '97 if memory serves.