Monday, October 30, 2006

TORTURE USE (continued)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not liberal in my political leanings. I'm a conservative . But having said that I have to point out that I'm suspicious of politicians from both parties.

The gang that's been in power in the U.S. this last term have been a terrible bunch. If you read the news everyday you have to be aware of the explosion of the US. national debt. It's my belief that they will never be able to pay the money back. How could the same country that's going into debt at the rate of more than a billion dollars a day afford to pay back 7 trillion dollars, each trillion of which is a thousand billion.

I get the impression from the way Bush talks that Canada is no longer considered a friend of the States. This makes me uncomfortable. It's another thing that makes me dislike him.

I suspect him of using the middle east situation to gain more personal power, for himself and steal personal liberties from the people. This kind of thing has been done many times before by despotic rulers at various times and places in history. I think most people already know this.

I listened to what "Jeff" had to say about torture. He asked "what if the enemy had your son buried with only a little air left in his dungeon and you never had much time to find out where he is hidden. "Wouldn't you want them to be able to get the needed information in a timely manner?" Here's what I say about that: If you're going to do some torturing, you better be dang sure you've got the right guy. How are you going to know this? You won't be able to find out through torture because your victims will confess to anything to get you to stop.

I have always thought of countries that torture with great disdain. I think of them as being low life, second rate, cowardly countries. Why should I think of the U.S. any differently? I'm pretty sure that the low-life countries that have used torture all along, use the same rational for the use of torture that you gave me in your comments in my last post.

Bush professes to be religious. Well talk is cheap. Back when the Catholic church was in power in the middle ages they tortured people in a big way. They even had people thinking that the torture used was an actual favour to the victims. I don't want a church doing me any favours like this and I don't want Bush doing me any favours either.

I even feel nervous writing any of this because I feel like I might be one of the next people on the "water board" because I sound like an enemy.

I want to say one last thing. There's a reason people think they are drowning when they are being water boarded; it's because " they are drowning".

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Jeff said...

The "gang" as you call them, is the Republican Party. The same party that spent the Soviets into submission,and then lowered taxes, which by the way increased federal tax revenue (as it has done again this time), and paved the way for the Clinton administration to pay off the national debt while at the same time spending money like drunken sailors. I agree with you though. The current administration is spending too much money, but not on the war. Too much money is being spent on things like prescription drug plans, and medicare, and pork projects, and FOREIGN AID. That is where the deficit is coming from, and you're right. It is too big. That's what happens when Republicans try to be like Democrats.

You think President Bush doesn't like Canada. I haven't been too fond on Canada myself these last couple of years. When a high school band from the USA can be booed when marching at a parade in Canada it is pretty embarassing. From what I hear, Prime Minister (PM) Harper, has been the first PM in years that has had a favorable lean towards the USA. President Bush will be leaving office in 2 years. We don't elect kings in this country. Trudeau - 15 years. Chretien - 10 years. Our government has a set election schedule. They can't call an early election (while things are going good) to avoid the bombshell that is about to burst, giving themselves another 4 or 5 years to ride out a coming storm. WHO LIVES IN THE DEMOCRACY???

You bet I am "interrogating" the guy who I think has my son in a shallow grave. How do I know I have the right guy? If I find my son in the location he confesses. "Torture" as you call it, is an art, not a form of execution.
I think of countries that don't have the ability and the will to defend their people as low life, second rate, and cowardly. Countries that join defensive organizations like NATO, and then make huge committments that they have no ability fulfilling are prostitutes looking for a "pimp" to fight for them.
In WWII, insurgents and spies were shot, or hung.

What is your view on Capital Punishment?

I looked at wikipedia really quick for a reference about an actual death due to water boarding. I didn't see one. It has probably happened. As I said, "torture" is an art. Some people aren't so good at it, ie. al qaeda...cutting off the heads... CIA, no "reported deaths"...oh yeah, they are a "seceret" agency. They wouldn't tell us anyway. Strike that. My Bad.