Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Whereas if you torture the right guy about the information you want, you're quite apt to get that information. And furthermore if you torture the guy that did a terrible crime, or is protecting a criminal then maybe it could even be said that he desearved the torture it took to get him to confess. However, there's one famous case in recent memory of a Canadian who went to the middle east. He was proven innocent of any wrong doing, however while he was in the middle east he associated with a person or persons thought to be terrorists. I assume that terrorists when they're not acting as terrorists carry on a normal life style and have ordinary jobs. You can't tell that they're terrorists. He was intercepted on his way home to Canada when coming through the States. He was sent to 'Syria', I think, and had to endure months of torture. Any of us , when we go to the middle east could hire a travel guide who is a part time terrorist. We could then be accused of associating with terrorists and be tortured. Now that torture has been legalized, you wouldn't have to be sent to Syria any longer for that purpose. I'm worried that the time may come when people will start dissappearing from their homes during the night and held by the goverment without charge . This too,is a handy tool for the government to use in combating terrorism. When this happens, things are clearly out of hand. The fact is, they need to be stopped before they get carried away...and they"will" get carried away. (change of subject) The U.S. is a foremost military power. However, if you look at the amount they're going in to debt, (like 10,ooo dollars a second) you could say that they can't afford to spend a dime on the military. Not one solitary dime.


Jeff said...

You have lived the "good" life in Canada much too long.
Canada, for all intents and purposes, doesn't spend a solitary dime on it's military. Why? Because it has a mutual defense pact with the US. What a great deal. Something for nothing I dare say, and yet the national debt of Canada in 2005 was 500 Billion with a "B". Where does all that money go?

I enjoyed reading your posts from recent trip to Isreal. I live in a city with a very large Jewish population, and have several orthodox Jewish friends. They tell me that the USA is in a similar position around the world as is Isreal. What they say is this.
If all of Isreal's enemies would lay down their arms and just get on with living their lives there would be peace in the middle east, but if Isreal were to lay down her arms, she would cease to exist.
An interesting observation don't you agree?
By the way, I am really enjoying our discussion!

Bob Milner said...

I liked the "Monoe doctrine" which said walk quietly and carry a big stick. Here's what I say about Iraq. They should get out now.

Jeff said...

According to the "Monroe Doctrine" the United States planned to stay neutral in wars between European powers and in wars between a European power and its colonies. However, if these latter type of wars were to occur in the Americas, the U.S. would view such action as hostile toward itself. I think this policy (which was kind of in place prior to 9-11) is inherently flawed, because it allows your enemy to amass forces at your door. It is reactive, not proactive.

I don't know what your cable TV access is like in the Hat, but here on the network news channels they are running political commercials (by democrats) telling us that it is time get out of Iraq. These commercials are followed by others which demand that President Bush do something (send troops presumably) about the genocide in Darfur.
Is Darfur a problem we should be involved in? I was at a speech given by Former President Clinton, last August. He said one of his greatest regrets was not doing more to stop the genocide in Darfur.
The same democrats that are calling for retreat from Iraq are supporting our involvement in Darfur. They say that Iraq is now a civil war. What do they think has been going on in Darfur for the last decade?

It's nuts don't you think?

Bob Milner said...

The guys in Darfur weren't lipping the states off like Saddam was.
And yes, they're crazy to even think of going to yet another fiasco.