Monday, April 11, 2005

Spring Walk

Spring seems to be springing here in Calgary. It has been nice and warm over the last week or even a little more.

The tree in our front yard is convinced that spring has sprung, and leaves are starting to bud. Our tulips are growing and one of the other perennials that we planted last year is coming through, as well as some of the plants that Tracie's grandma gave us last year.

I fear it is a mean trick because it always snows twice after you think that it can't possibly snow anymore. It can easily snow in mid-April, so I'm sure that we are in for several major storms before summer officially hits.

We picked up our tickets from the travel agency today. The time of our departure is drawing steadily nearer and nearer. Three more months and we will be on our way to Hong Kong. It is all very exciting.

I need to purchase a laptop before we go so that I can have something to download my photos onto and then to upload them to Flickr with. I also want to copy all the pictures from my current computer over before I go, as well as backing up a few other things.

We've been watching the slideshows on Flickr about Hong Kong and Perth. It's nice to have such an easy way of seeing what the places you are going to look like.


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