Monday, April 18, 2005

Satellite Photos

There has been a lot of internet discussion about the topic of satellite photos, memory maps and what have you ever since google release their google maps beta program into the wild. has an article about the interesting things that can be found in the satellite images. One imaging company notice that in the very first image they ever sold you could spot the presidential helicopters flying over Washington. Presumably with the president on board.

My brother Jeff has posted several interesting photos that he found online, including Disneyland, Bill Gates' house, and the White House, among other things. I thought that I would post some of the interesting photos that Tracie and I have found.

Tracie found this photo of an airplane taking off from the San Francisco airport. Actually she found the plane's shadow and I found the plane.

We found this photo of Niagara Falls, which is quite spectacular.

Alcatraz is quite interesting. You can see the boats in the bay, and what looks like a tourist ferry to the island, although we're just guessing about that.

Diamond Head Volcano in Hawaii, as well as the hotel where we stayed with my family when I was 11. I think it's called the Ilikai.

My house in Calgary for two more weeks and my brother's house in Lethbridge.

There are several hot springs visible in Yellowstone Park.

Here's an interesting one, this is part of the military base where I worked for several years. The circles are roads all set a certain distance apart. One time at the height of the cold war they set off a pile of TNT that was equivalent to a small atomic bomb.

Here is the Manicouagan Impact Crater in Quebec. Here is what NASA has to say about the Manicouagan Impact Crater.

The most personal of all the satellite images are the memory maps. Here is Tracie's memory map of Crescent Heights. Here is Gary's memory map of South Ridge. I even made a memory map of Raymond.

-Gary Milner

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