Thursday, April 14, 2005

Costco Worst Store Evar

It seems that everyone just thinks Costco is the best store ever. Except for me. I think people are just trying to convince themselves that they didn't waste $50 joining a stupid club store where the prices are no better than any other store.

I don't like the way there are no displays. I don't like the way they ID you as you are entering the store (like non-members will are dying to get in or will be able to make it past the cashiers). I don't like the way they accuse you of being a thief on your way out and insist on marking you receipt. I don't like the way the cashiers accuse you of being a sneaky liar and insist on seeing your membership card. I don't like the fact that they don't have grocery bags. I don't like how long the lines are and how they don't have an express isle for people buying less than 300 items. I don't like the disproportionate number of stupid people who shop there. (Who stands in the middle of the narrowest isle with their cart eating an icecream cone?)

There are only two redeeming qualities. You can buy the super-duper-mega-family-packs there (not that I do, but I admit that it's one of their good points.) and they have lots of sample booths sometimes. (There were none today.)

-Gary Milner is disenchanted with Costco and wants his $50 back.

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