Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Utah Trip

I started off my trip to Utah with a fun weekend in Calgary at a Mid-Singles Conference. This photo is from my hotel room. I liked the faux wood paneling so much that I had to use it as a background.

I attended the speed dating and the seminars as well as the dance. Melanie invited me to go to her friend's wedding and so I missed the supper and dance instruction at the mid singles, but we got there in time for the start of the real dance.

We stayed for the whole thing and I danced to every song with Melanie, except for a water break and to reply to a text from my parents. I figured it was pretty important because my mom has never texted me before.

Monday morning we got up early and headed to the states. We got stopped at the border because their x-ray machines picked up my firewood in the trunk of the car. We had to visit the agriculture officer and luckily she decided to let us keep our firewood and apples.

On the way I just about lost control of the car twice, and by that I mean I lost control of the car twice and was able to regain control before it was too late. Before I got to Helena the was a pretty bad rain and snow storm and I hydroplaned across a bridge. Let me tell that my mother is a lot calmer and more helpful in a real emergency than when the emergency is all in her head. We started hydroplaning again in the Salt Lake valley as well. My rear tires are pretty bald and I should get them replaced.

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