Thursday, June 11, 2009

Machine Gun

I shot a machine gun today. It was one of the awesomest things I have ever done. It seemed surprisingly easy too. I had no trouble hitting the human sized target at 75 feet. You do have to be careful of course, and shoot as few bullets as possible at a time. Unloading the clip would take less than a second and you would be all over the place, but I found that if you try to do very small bursts you can hold it steady enough that they all his within a small area.

They give surprisingly little instruction about how to go about working the thing, maybe it is as easy as they think, I didn't have any trouble.

This is what they told me.

This button releases the clip. This switch is the safety, it also changes from semi-automatic to burst. Burst actually is fully automatic. We would appreciate it if you would do small bursts and not just empty the clip. You put push the bullets into the clip like this, you don't have to slide them in like a hand gun you just push them in. The clip goes in like this, make sure it is fully seated then pull this lever back to load a shell into the chamber. Press this button down to adjust the length of the stock. Try and go easy until you get the feel for it.

It's not like I have never shot a gun before, but it seems that a person who walks in off the street would need a little more instruction about how to shoot a machine gun.

All that being said, it was really cool. One of the funnest things ever. I think that everyone should shoot a gun sometime in their life. I will probably stop in there the next time I am near Provo.


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