Monday, February 11, 2008

Overheard in the Studio

Stupid Kid, "My school pictures sucked. Look at my id card."

Girl, "Why are your sleeves like that?"

Stupid Kid, "I don't know. The guy even asked me if that's how I always have my sleeves."

At this point I figure out that I'm "the guy" that asked him about his sleeves, so I say to him, "What's your name? I want to look you up in the computer."

Stupid Kid, "I'm not telling. You'll just laugh."

Girl, "Jimmy Wales" (Name is made up to protect stupid kid)

So I look him up in the computer, and sure enough, he is wearing a tee shirt and his sleeves are push about half way up to his shoulders. When I saw the photo I remembered the kid. I started laughing. I said to him, "I asked you if you wanted your sleeves that way, now you don't like the pictures and you think I'm the idiot?"

Stupid Kid, "It's a tee shirt I didn't know why you were asking about my sleeves. I just though of course this is how I want my sleeves. I didn't even look at them. I don't know how they got that way."

I guess the real question is: Why would I ask someone if their sleeves were the way they wanted them if I didn't think they looked stupid.

Next time, to avoid this sort of trouble I'm going to ask, "Am I a cool guy?" Then no matter how they answer, I'm going to push my sleeves over my shoulders and say,"Does having my sleeves like this make me more cool or less cool?" Then I'll know if they know how they are wearing their sleeves.

In other non-idiot related news, my new ipod battery arrived in the mail today and I installed it. I hope that the new battery resolves my ipod woes.
-Gary Milner

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