Monday, February 25, 2008

Earliest Memory

If you had to guess which of my parents is more like Michael Jackson who would you guess?

This photo my Mom is demonstrating a move known as the Jackson Dangle. It is less well known than the moonwalk, but much more dangerous.

Before I was born my mother taught a parenting school for stars in Hollywood. Where do you think Brittney learned to drive with a baby on her lap? Alec Baldwin's telephone rant--scripted by my mom. Brittney almost dropping her baby on it's head is a move that was perfected on Jeff.

That's why he grows his hair a little long. It hides the lumps.

Anyway, this photo is of my earliest memory. I remember it being so high up. It didn't seem safe to me. The rail was cool, damp and had moss on it. The moss was very interesting, but I was worried about falling.


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