Monday, March 12, 2007

Since 1994

I’m in love with Tracie. I always have been. Since I saw her at the bowling alley and decided to go after her, I knew that I want her affection.

I can talk to her and she can talk to me. We have the most wonderful conversations. I love taking long trips with her in the car because they give us an opportunity to talk about life, dreams and goals. One of my favorite memories of her is our trip to Vancouver, sitting in the car driving along talking. We love to analyze things together and figuring things out, discussing movies, books, how birth order affects people’s personalities and things like that.

She is beautiful. Seeing her is great, I can remember having picture days with her and then looking at the photos everyday and carrying them around on my mission.

We have lots of common interests. We like similar things. If I see something I like I want to tell her about it and talk about it with her.

We want to do nice things for each other. I want her to be happy. Sometimes I think about what I can do as a surprise nice thing for her.

She works hard. She is very smart. She is very talented. Those are three attributes that I think are amazing. They are things that attract me to her like crazy. Work ethic, intelligence and talent are the most important things about anybody and she has them all.

Tracie supports my desire to be a photographer and wants me to succeed. She likes taking photos with me and is even learning how to be a photographer herself.

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Jon said...

Woa... you, like, have hair! ;)