Saturday, March 17, 2007

Life Marches On

I've been in kind of a daze lately, not really in the mood to post about much of anything lately.

I went to Calgary with Jeff a few days ago, and we took part in a study about bloggers and blogging at the U of C. I was one of the most interesting conversations I have had in a long time. I wish I had been recording it. We discussed this history of our internet use and a lot about why we blog. It was a very enjoyable trip with Jeff.



rea said...

We've been interviewed by the Faculty of Communications three times now, each time being a different yet interesting experience. The Dr. Maria mentioned to me that it was my comments about an online/blogging Community that got her thinking about what that means, and sure enough she has this current study as an extension of that thought. I thought that was kinda neat!

The $30 didn't hurt either :-)

gary said...

The $30 aside, Im really glad that you posted about it on your blog. I really enjoyed it a lot.