Thursday, September 05, 2013

Being the Boss

I really enjoy being the boss. It is a lot of work, although I can see that it would be a lot less work if I knew what I was doing and I know a lot more than I thought I did. It is fantastic and very difficult. Some things are just very time consuming. For example the thumbnails from one photographer shooting for one day, take an hour to upload. Thumbnails! 600x900 pixel photos! It is just so time consuming. So for my first school, I have about 5.5 hours of uploading, but there must have been triple that preparing the photos to be uploaded. I'm really learning a lot about the behind the scenes data manipulation stuff. I count my lucky stars that I have such a good database design background because I at least can comprehend what is happening with the computer stuff even if I haven't actually learned how to do it yet. Next year things will progress much more quickly. -Gary