Sunday, January 31, 2010

Camera Control Pro 2.3

I recently got Nikon's Camera Control Pro 2.3 and after installing it kept getting the error "No camera was detected" even thought my Nikon d70s was connected and the folder structure was both visible and navigable. It turns out the the problem was that my camera's usb mode was set to mass storage rather than PTP mode.

The D70 connects to a computer via a USB port, as either a Mass Storage or PTP device. The PTP protocol allows Mac OS X and Windows to recognize the D70 as a camera, so it can launch camera-specific operating system software. Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) is an image data transfer protocol (like the TCP/IP protocol for the Internet) that is intended to do away with the need for special digital camera drivers.

The Mass Storage option lets the camera appear as a standard removable disk device. The Mass Storage option is almost always more convenient, since it doesn't force you through clunky downloading software, and is reportedly faster. You just have to remember to switch it when you want to shoot tethered to your computer.

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