Friday, June 27, 2008


I went to Calgary the other day and made a new friend. Now I feel like I'm 16 years old again. Feeling awkward is actually fun in a twisted sort of way.

The problem is that it seems like I am in a rush to end conversations.

"Hey Gary!"
"Hey nameless person!"
"You look great today"
"Thanks, nameless person. Well, see you around."

That conversation would be fine if Gary and nameless person weren't trying to be friends

About 20 minutes ago, I decided to call this new friend of mine. We probably talked for one minute and one second. I know this because all of my phone calls last between 59 seconds and 61 seconds and it seemed like a long conversation.

If it could even be called a conversation.

I don't know what my problem is I called them. I wanted to talk to them. I still want to talk to them. But I ended the conversation before I wanted to. That's messed up.

I talked to them for four hours straight on the weekend. They even commented on how easy it was to talk to me.

It is the stupid phone. I hate phones. Phones are my nemesis. One of the best working moments of my life was being fired, on my birthday, from a job that required copious amounts of phone conversations.

So, back to thinking about my friend. I would rather drive for 2.5 hours to where they live, talk to them and then drive 2.5 hours back to Medicine Hat than have the exact same conversation on the phone.

That's probably weird.


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