Sunday, July 29, 2007


Karen The Beautiful Bride

This photo is by my sister Jackie and is not
from the shoot that I did this afternoon.
I had a really good day at work today.

The event of the day was a wedding shoot. It was a really fun one. I did their engagement photo a few months ago and they were really fun people. It is funny how that, with some people you can have the greatest time so easily, and yet with others, you can just be stumped. Like writer's block for photographers.

It is so nice when everyone follows directions well, when they laugh at your jokes and things just seem to flow. At one point I asked the two flower girls to kiss the groom on the cheek. One did, but the other didn't want to. I said to the other, "Well, will you put your hand on his shoulder?" She did, but it was more of a hit to the shoulder than something nice. Everyone saw it, so I said, "I love you Ike" and hit my fist on the table beside me. Everyone thought that this was hilarious.

I'm getting a little more responsibility at work. I'm laminating the photos now. It's a good thing, because this is sort of a slow time for us and I like having something to do.

It also allows my boss to working on programing the databases and other software that we use when we're photographing at the schools. There are several edits that need to be made because we are getting new cameras for the coming school year. Programing is really something that needs to be done without interruptions.

Also the more I know about running the shop, the more likely and easier it will be for me to buy and take it over in a couple of years.

It's good to be back in business. I really love my job.


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