Wednesday, October 19, 2005

It must be nice...

Colorful Ryker
Originally uploaded by Jackie Hutch.
To be in Australia by the beach in the long hot summer. Everytime I look at the photos of a warm climate, I'm jealous and I think of how nice it would be. I can't see how you would ever want to come back. I was wondering if you could ever get tired of living near the ocean with such warm weather, and Gary said "you can't". So, that answered my question, and left me yearning to one day live there too.


Tracie said...

You can. Just sell your house, buy a ticket and move. It really is that easy.

Jackie Hutchinson said...

Well, it's not really that easy, because Glen works for his dad and promised to stay for 5 years. So in about 4 years it might be that easy. We'll see you there I guess.