Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bob and his prize winning Voyageurs

I went to the fair and I entered a free draw. I just got a phone call telling me that I won the $50 "dinner for two" gift certificate from Kelsey's. I'm so thrilled!

We did good at the fair. Between the two of us we won $66 in the better living section and $80 in the visual arts. I entered him and he let me keep all the money.

Adults can enter two pieces in any one category. When it came time to hand out the awards, they called Dad up to the front and said, "Bob Milner won first place in the Sculpture Category." His picture was promptly taken with the Stampede Queen and Princess. He started to walk away but they told him to stay. It was then announced that Bob also got third place for sculpture. Another picture flashed. He was left standing there between the Stampede Queen and Stampede Princess. The announcer told him he could sit down, "you didn't win second."

It's too bad I don't have a picture of him getting his award, but I do have a photo of the winning sculpture.

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