Thursday, June 23, 2005

New camera and Victoria

The Milner BlogSo, I guess you could say I 'm trying to be Gary. Glen bought me a camera, and we are going to be in Victoria tonight for the week. We are going to see the tall ships and also mainly to visit my mother in-laws family who havn't met our baby yet. My new camera is pretty awesome, I don't really have a clue about using it. It's an Olympus Evolt 300. I'm wondering if the sales guy talked me into buying it when I really was going to look at the new Nikon D50. Glen wasn't with me but he thinks that maybe the Olympus's sit on the shelf and the Nikons and the Canons move themselves because I had two different salespeople telling me this was their best recommendation. I have two weeks to try it out, and maybe I will switch to the Nikon D50 if I'm not totally satisfied. The good thing about the Olympus is that it came with two lenses. It also is 8.0 megapixels but the guy said it was equivalent to 10 or so because Olympus has higher technology in their lenses? I hope I made a good choice, I'm still questioning the D50. I hadn't even heard of Olympus until I started looking at SLRs. Everyone on flickr loves either their Nikon or their Canon. What does that say?

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