Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Our company has left...
It was great to have so much family here for Jackie and Glen's reception! Some of the visits were short, but we enjoyed them all! Gary and Tracie stopped by for breakfast and a visit before they left for Calgary Sunday. They were anxious to get home to their new home and unpack to get settled! Jeff and Anna stayed a little longer, and it was fun visiting with them as well. Jeff had to get back for work Monday. It would have been nice if they could have stayed longer.

Anna--Thanks for the song!! I loved it and everyone else did too! You are so talented!

We went to Celanie's on Sunday night and had a little sing-along with Mark playing his guitar, and Bob playing his mandolin. Emily sang with Mark, and we all joined in! We also read "The Specialist" by Chic Sales. Each of us took turns reading a page. I loved listening to Emily and Ben read! They are cute kids!

That reminds me. I loved reading the journals Ty and Brendyn wrote about their holidays when they were at Celanie's. They were very cute. They worked hard printing, and inventing spelling! They were proud of what they had written.

John Paul took the shuttle to Calgary early Monday moring to fly back to California. And if I got the story right he's now visiting his girl friend.

Mark and Christine took their kids to the Waterslide Monday, and they left for Waterton Tuesday morning. They'll stop back on their way home to Winnipeg this weekend.

We loved the decorating job Mary Ann did for the reception. I wish I had pictures of it! Did nayone take any? Please share!

I loved having Glen and Jackie home. Yesterday we went for a picnic at Echodale with them and Rodger Mary and Rachel, and Earl and Celanie. Afterward we went to the Motorcycle Clubland where Glen hit some golfballs (from our golfball collection) into the river. He is a great long ball shooter! He was disappointed that he couldn't get any all the way across the river, but he hit very far. We enjoyed watching him hit. I liked that the balls landed in the river, because it was hard to see the balls in the air, but the big splash in the river was an easy indicator of where they landed! Jackie hit a few balls as well. She is very good also! We are all proud of her. She hit a couple of really long shots too, not as far as Glen, but she had powerful hits! Earl hit some and Bob hit a few as well. It was fun.

Glen and Jackie had to leave last night. They are moving out of their condo for a week or so for some renovations to the floor, and they want to keep track of their important stuff (the movers can move the rest). They are going deep sea fishing tomorrow. They are so lucky!!

Rodger and Mary left early this morning. They are on their way to visit Sarah in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Amie is planning to meet them there. They're staying a couple of days, and then they're going to visit Juliette for a day or so, and be back to Delta about Friday night probably. Rodger goes back to work Monday. He'll have time to rest a little before then. It's a lot of driving; he'll need a rest!

Thanks to everyone who visited. You've entertained us and helped us enjoy our summer. We may go on a holiday soon. We'll let you know as soon as we know!

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